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Women 2 Women Restorative Therapy is focused on naturally restoring pain-free health and intimacy. We specialize in a progressive treatment for the pain and dysfunction of the urinary and reproductive systems.

Gentle, non-invasive advanced manual techniques correct the physical structure, alignment, and dysfunction of the breasts, pelvic region, pelvic organs plus the surrounding areas. Read More Here.

The result of this progressive individualized treatment is pain relief, relief of incontinence, and restoration of pain free reproductive health and intimacy. In addition, treatment of the pelvis resolves many other pain or dysfunctional conditions

Women 2 Women Restorative Therapy is a clinic created by women health practitioners for women. It was founded and is directed by a Registered Nurse with extensive experience and training in women's health concerns.


Treatment programs are uniquely designed and individualized to treat, educate, and support women of all life stages. You will experience a confidential, safe, and professional environment and be cared for by practitioners who are supportive of your healing.