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Actively Create a Healthy Birthing Experience for You & Your Child


Prior to Pregnancy


When you are discussing becoming pregnant is a good time to make sure your body is structurally prepared for pregnancy. A high percentage of women have the following that can cause pain during the pregnancy and are more difficult to treat after conception:

  • torsions of their pelvic bones,
  • joint structures that are not fully mobile, and
  • muscular tightness in the abdominal or pelvic floor region.

By receiving a strutural evaluation and, if needed, treating your body before conception, you can minimize or completely avoid

  • Low back pain 
  • Pubic joint pain
  • Sacroiliac joint pain 
  • Sciatica



Although we make no claims about myo/gyno fascial techniques being able to help with infertility, we have many clients who had tried numerous options to become pregnant without success and who got pregnant after being treated. We just call it a coincidence. But our clients think differently.


And you know that if sexual intercourse is painful, it occurs less frequently and interferes with the chances of becoming pregnant. Ridding the body of pelvic pain or vaginal pain has supported many couple's chances of becoming pregnant.


Birthing Preparation 


When you body is structurally aligned, the joints are mobile, and the muscles and fascia are flexible it is easier for the body to open and make way for your child's entry into the world. 


Birth Recovery / Postpartum Health 


Even with the best of preparation, giving birth takes a toll on your body. Speed recovery by realigning your body. Treat episiotomy and cesarean scar tissue to avoid the pelvic challenges later that commonly bring clients to us in pain.