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Myo/Gyno Fascial Release 


Here at Women 2 Women Restorative Therapy, we look at “Pain under the Magnifying Glass” and treat not just the symptoms, but the underlying case of pain and inflammation. 


Myofascial Release gently addresses the whole body by loosening restrictions in connective tissue called fascia. Restrictions are developed through trauma, injuries, surgery, defensive and protective postures, and repetitive stress injuries.


By applying gentle sustained pressure into fascial restrictions, with gentle stretches, and long holds, the fascia releases. Clients often feel this release, likening it to taffy stretching. As a result, pain is reduced, range of motion is restored, and various chronic symptoms are relieved—often when other forms of therapy have been unsuccessful.


Highly-trained Myofascial Release therapists can see and feel fascial restrictions. With this hands-on approach, your Myofascial Release practitioner continuously evaluates and adjusts your sessions, taking into account the changes in your body from one moment to the next.

A range of pressures are used, from very light, even energy work, to very deep when considered beneficial. The feel of the tissue determines the appropriate amount of pressure. As a result, treatment is customized for you, and no one is ever injured. 

While myofascial release principles work for every area of the body, we use the term Myo/Gyno Fascial Release techniques for the muscles and tissue of the pelvic floor.