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MFR: The Missing Link
MFR: The Missing Link in Women's Health Care  
Myofascial Release Approach - Part 1
Myofascial Release - Unwinding - Part 2
Myofascial Release - Rebounding - Part 3
Ten Tips to Enhance Your Treatment Sessions
Feeling Under the Pain
Flare Ups

Websites & Blogs:

Myofascial Release.com

Massage Magazine: John Barnes' Blog 

MFR Talk Chatline:
For clients and therapists to interact about healing with MFR. The
MFR Talk Chatline is a great place to ask questions and get more information from a variety of people. (Because of the potential volume of emails, it is recommended that you open a free separate email account such as yahoo or hotmail. Direct MFR Talk mail to this account so it does not add extra volume to your personal email account.)

Books, CDs, & DVDs:
All of these reading and listening materials are available for you to enjoy in our STeP into Freedom self-treatment room. Come before and stay after your sessions, relaxing in our anti-gravity chair, feeding your mind with healing materials. Some of these products are also available for purchase at Integrated Pain Relief.

  • Healing Ancient Wounds by John F. Barnes
  • Inner Awareness Audio CD by John F. Barnes
  • Myofascial Freedom DVD by John F. Barnes
  • Fireside Chat DVD by John F. Barnes
  • Myofascial Stretching by Brenda Pardy & Jill Stedronski
  • A Patient's Guide to Myofascial Release by Cathy Covell
  • Listening by Lee Coit

Complimentary Practitioners:


  • A Perfect Fit: Specializing in creating the perfect fitting bra, no matter what your size. Also specializes in post surgical support.