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We are so priviledge to serve our patients, are awed by their courageous healing examples, and treasure the words they have shared with us and now you. 


Chronic Pelvic Pain

Before seeing you, I had traveled across the country to one of the leading clinics for treating pelvic pain with no satisfactory change. I'm glad I didn't give up looking for a solution to my pain because thanks to you, I'm pain free ninety-five percent of the time. (S.H. Los Angeles)


Frequent Urination

My life was ruled by my bladder! I couldn’t go anywhere without knowing where a nearby restroom was. The other day, I drove 4 hours, not afraid to drink water, without once having to stop for a restroom. Thanks for giving me a normal life again. (C.A., Yorba Linda)                      


Infertility & Painful Intercourse

I had been seeing an infertility specialist for ayear, and had tried everyting to conceive, including acupuncture twice a week, proper nutrition, and exercise. But my condition continued to decline, and we were ready to giveup on having our own baby. After working with Women 2 Women for about three months, I noticed a huge difference personally. Not only was my pain with sex gone, but three months later, I conceived naturally--no scientific intervention. A total miracle, thanks in large part to your treatments. (D.M., Irvine)


Breast Health

I have had two breast surgery operations. The first one was unsuccessful, and after 15 years both of my silicone implants had ruptured. I had them replaced with saline implants. After so much surgery and trauma I was plagued with chest pain, lack of sensation, and had firm hard unnatural looking breasts. Through the myofascial release treatments my breasts feel soft and natural. My nipples have sensation and are no longer inverted, and I don’t flinch when I am hugged or my breasts are touched. My breasts feel like an organic part of my body, and look totally natural.   (D.W., Costa Mesa)


After the couple of times you've treated me, I've noticed that I can't feel the edges of my implants anymore. They're so much softer. Thanks. (M.H., Los Angeles)


Sinus Problems

I had suffered from terrible sinus headaches, infections and congestion for years. Since Jana’s treatments I can breathe again out of both sides of my nose. I even blow my nose less. My nose had been crooked from an injury and your treatments have straightened it. My friends even noticed! (S.W., Costa Mesa)


Emotional Benefits

The most important benefits I have received from Jana at Woman 2 Woman Restorative Therapy are emotional and spiritual. I now feel a deeper connection to myself and have great joy in reclaiming my body.